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Medicine Music

Dear Nikki and A Capellago,
Medicine Music was the most beautiful gesture, thankyou so very much.  It will remain with me as a perfect image of redemption - you all singing like angels in that broken building.  Somehow that speaks in the most touchingly eloquent way of human grace and resilience.  You reminded me of the miracle we are in the middle of - the amazing flowering of Christchurch at this time.  Spring welling up irrepressibly from the very same Earth that has groaned and torn under us.
Thankyou, and bless you
Your are one of Christchurch's real treasures
With love
Jane Catherine Severn

Many thanks to the choir and other supporters for the wonderful concert on saturday afternoon. It was truly magical and I felt I could let go of the grief I have been feeling since sept 4. Thank you again, yours truly, L. S.

Hi Marissa
I was at the performance of A Capellago World Music Choir in the Cathedral a week or so ago and I wanted to tell you what a mesmerising and touching performance it was.
I was completely absorbed, the music was fabulous, the singing stunning, thenarrations in between just perfect.
And I absolutely loved your poem.
Well done to you all. I hope to see you all perform again.
2 questions for you:
1. How do we find out about your performances, and
2. Is your poem published, I'd love to revisit it

Thank you so much for the inspiring afternoon

J .T.